Recently I upgraded a vSphere 7 environment to version 8. This left me with a vCLM baseline which was no longer applicable to any of the ESXi hosts. However I could not delete it. The option to detach the baseline from the cluster was grayed out.

The baseline itself shows it was intended to install a host extension for NSX-V. And the option to remove the baseline entirely was also grayed out.

This post describes the underlying issue and how to resolve it.

The situation

NSX-V was previously installed on this environment before it got migrated to NSX-T. So it came as no surprise there were some unintentional leftover components. Because the baseline mentioned the ESX Agent manger I accessed it’s MOB browser to get more details about the installed agencies by using this URL:


Sure enough there was an agency with the ID which was referenced in the vLCM baseline. Next I navigated to the relevant agency ID and requested the config. Which showed this output.

This is clearly something you would like to get rid of. You can even request the runtime info which will show you all kinds of issues like this one.

Agent is not deployed due to incompatible host

How to solve the issue

The development documentation for ESX Agents guided me to the correct procedure to remove the desired agency.

Select Administration > vCenter Server Extensions > vSphere ESX Agent Manager > Configure and click the ESX Agencies tab.

This will show the name of the agency that you previously saw in the MOB browser.

Now simply click the three dots on the left and select ‘Delete Agency’.

Then return to the lifecycle manager baselines and you will see that the EAM baseline has now disappeared.

Rudolf Kleijwegt

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