Recently I upgraded a NSX-T multisite deployment. Unfortunately following the upgrade on one of the local sites it failed to display that site’s status on the system overview page of the global manager.

Changes on the global manager were replicated just fine to all the sites. But still this was something I wanted to fix before continuing to upgrade the global manager.

Just recently I had to fix another issue with this deployment and the VMware engineer that was in involved with the support case asked me to run an undocumented API call to refresh all sites with the global manager. As it turned out, this also fixed this particular issue.

To use this you need to be logged in as root on one of the global manager appliances. Then run this command.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H 'X-NSX-Username:admin'

Then simply refresh the system overview page and everything is up-to-date again. 🥳

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Rudolf Kleijwegt

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