Now that vSphere 6.7 update 2 is released I can start the process of reviewing all relevant resources that come with a new version. This means checking out the release notes, new maximums (if any), interoperability matrices and relevant KB articles.

I’ll also check some third party products because I will use this information to prepare for upgrades on customer deployments. Because most of these platforms are relatively popular other people might find it useful as well. So why not write a blog post about it? So here it goes.

  • Maximums
    • vCPU doubled from 128 to 256 vCPUs
    • vRAM support up to and 6TB
  • HCL
    • Servers:  2070 (U2) vs 2066 (U1)
    • IO 4271(U2) vs 4240 (U1)
    • Storage/SAN 2692(U1) vs 2702  (U2)
    • VASA or VVols updates for U2 for most of the major vendors
  • Interoperability matrix
    • vRealize Automation 7.6.0
    • vRealize Operations Manager 7.0
    • vRealize Log Insight 4.8
    • PowerCLI 11.2.0
    • VMware Tools; all versions from v 6.0 and higher
    • Usage meter 4 and 3.6.1
    • VMware Horizon 7; 7.8.0 / 7.7.0 / 7.6.0
    • VMware vCenter Converter; no updates
    • NSX for vSphere; 6.4.4 / 6.4.3 / 6.4.2
    • NSX-T; 2.4.0
    • vCloud Director; 9.7
    • vSphere Automation SDK; no updates yet
  • Third party products
  • Release notes
  • KB articles
    • Update Manager 6.7: issue where hosts that are put into maintenance mode before remediation automatically exit maintenance mode after a reboot has not been resolved (KB 66845).

So a lot of platforms already support vSphere 6.7 Update 2.  This means you can probably start preparing your internal change request processes and start upgrading!

Rudolf Kleijwegt

I am an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience designing, deploying, and maintaining IT infrastructure in both enterprise and service provider environments. My skills span across Linux and Windows and a multitude of server applications, allowing me to excel in a wide range of IT roles. Currently, my primary focus is on Software Defined DataCenter and DevOps. I am passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry to achieve superior outcomes.


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