The other night I got paged up that one of our VCSA servers had a full partition. After looking into it, it seems that the /storage/archive/ partition was filled up.

VCSA 100% /storage/archive partition

When browsing through the partition I quickly noticed that the “vpostgres” folder was the culprit. It was all filled up with over 25K small files that were apparently beeing used by vpostgresql:

Files present on the /storage/archive/vpostgres/ partition

I found a thread on the VMTN forum which I kindly replied on and it seems that this is by design in the VCSA 6.7 U1 release.

The partition /storage/archive partition can get full by design, as it is aimed at storing as much WAL history as possible, and is automatically cleaned up by the archiver service by removing automatically the oldest WAL segments.

The KB also said that this will be fixed in an upcoming release. So stay tuned and dont increase your /storage/archive/ partition when it is 100% full, it will just fill up again in hours!

I double checked if the files were indeed beeing cleaned up on a regular base and this seems to be the case. I ran the command in the below screenshot and waited 15 minutes and ran it again. I noticed the last file had a later timestamp on it. So it checks out!

Files do get refreshed!

EDIT on 24-1-2019:

It seems that the mentioned KB has been updated! VMware has released an update int he form of vCenter Server 6.7 Update 1b. If you are having difficulties on your vCenter and want the above issue fixed, please download and install the update.


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